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I reached out to Evan based on the high reviews here on Zillow, and I have to say that Evan definitely lives up to these ratings. After my initial inquiry, we exchanged a few emails on the basics of what we were looking for and the products available. After a phone call, we went with a traditional 30 year mortgage. During our initial discussion, he ran numbers on a property giving us an extremely detailed look into what we can afford and what our cash to close would be, accounting for all fees, taxes, insurances, etc. I looked into a few other lenders but none offered the detail and attention Evan gave us (he also came in with a very aggressive rate which we also enjoyed). Evan and I talked numerous days and nights through the process and he was always a quick phone call away when I had a question (though he was usually a step ahead of me). Evan’s work came in on time and accurate and that really helped our comfort level to close on our dream home.

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